Descripción del proyecto

Young Tarpak begins his fight to save the planet with his faithful dog Tarao, joining their cunning and courage, you will have to stop their enemies using all of the available environment stuff, using your skills in the park, the city, mountain and forest to discover the origins of this invasion.

Dogchild is a set of paths with a blistering pace, that will challenge your abilities of concentration, coordination and accuracy in which you will be able to control not only one character, but two.

Two heroes side by side, double the fun!!

Calculate the perfect angle to beat as many enemies as you can, with the clever mind of Tarpak, and a quick pick up ball, throwing it to Tarao with a precise steering angle. Physics laws will be your allies to create the perfect bounce in order to make as many combos as you can, but do not trust them! In each world and in each level the objects, trees, walls and rocks may be useful only if you think fast.

Combine your characters, and throw the ball to accumulate pick up speed bonus and power .Your enemies will become more and more clever, do not let them overcome you! The fight to save the planet has only just begun. Dare to fight alongside with Tarpak and his trusty dog Tarao!

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