We are Hiring!


We are looking for a Programmer of Unity and knowedge of Unreal to work in the development of video games and VR. We would like to find a person involved to help us achieve the best possible result in the animations. We are a small team but growing, with a lot of passion. That is why we are looking for a person capable of taking on challenges, with the ability to adapt and help the rest of the team.


- Unity knowledge and advanced C # language.
- Knowledge in Unreal and C ++ language as well as Unreal libraries.
- Knowledge in Github.

Desired Requirements

- Experience in other projects.
- Experience in VR projects.
- Knowledge of ScriptableObjects. - Knowledge of the Unity editor.
- Creation of Shaders.




Even though you do not see any vacancies in your areas of interest right now, we are always looking for new colleagues to join our team. If you want you can leave your CV and REEL in the following section.