Videojuegos para PC


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Shaders, creation of procedural textures, animated, refractory, lighting, vertex ... For the mostly of productions, fixed materials are usually used, with them it is enough to create textures. Shaders go further, adding a huge amount of properties that make them more flexible in the productions. Most engines have their own shaders, but maybe you need [...]

Moerakis continues making “giant” leaps

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It’s been long since we last published about our project Moerakis, but you now we don’t like to bother too much. For he moment, we are proud to say the videogame is making giant leaps, soon we’ll have the chance to show new exclusive content. Until then, we wanted to share with you this “small” image [...]

Moerakis on Playstarter

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Moerakis is here, now supported by Playstation in Playstarter. We start now until finishing the first part of the game in September 2017. Moerakis is a frenetic and different type of American Football game, played in third person in which the protagonists are stone giants. They will fight to be the best in the league. It's a Fantasy MOSA [...]