Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future, developed by Animatoon Studio, includes a series of experiments that deal with different STEM disciplines in a scientific environment, all designed for VR gameplay. Through these puzzles and experiments, the player will approach areas such as eco-science, anatomy, botany or chemistry. In addition, you can know what a Tesla coil is for and how an Enigma machine works.

The event, held at the Brains International School María Lombillo, was attended by Javier Santaolalla, a doctor in particle physics, a researcher at CERN and a scientific disseminator. It also counted with the presence of students of Secondary Education of the center who have had the opportunity to test the game, learn more about the development process of this adventure and get to know its protagonists.

After the launch of their first experience, available since last December, Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the future aims to bring the youngest to scientific knowledge, so that they have fun while they learn, from the hand of the students of Tesla! the fantastic school of Science for young scientists.

Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s invent the future, the PlayStation VR game will allow players to turn the console into a small virtual laboratory and get closer to Science than ever before. The player, accompanied by Bio and Ziggy, must solve a series of strange events that threaten to make all the knowledge stored in Tesla disappear! To begin, you must find out what has happened so that Flipy, also a student of the institution, has appeared in a state of unconsciousness in the yard.

Javier Santaolalla has shared his experience with the media and has spoken about the importance of gamification in education: «Scientists have our own language and our terminology with which it is very difficult for us to approach young people, therefore, it is necessary to talk to them. in your language: videos on youtube, social networks and video games «.

This graphic adventure is supported by CREATIONS, an educational innovation project promoted by the European Union and aims to implement new educational activities in the classroom that unite science and art to enhance creativity in the learning of science.
The title is created as a result of the collaboration between 100balas, Grupo Mediapro and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) leaders and benchmarks in their sectors, within the program of support for the development of video games that Sony Intertactive Entertainment has in Spain.