PlayStation® Spain has unveiled the games that will have the opportunity to download PlayStation® Plus subscribers in the month of February.

Among many new features and exclusive benefits for its subscribers, the first chapter of Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s invent the future appears, which comes exclusively for Spain.

In this first chapter of the PlayStation® game VR Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s invent the future, the players will put themselves in the shoes of a student of the fantastic Tesla school for young scientists. They will have to solve a series of puzzles like building a wind turbine and mount an endoscopic capsule to find out what has happened to Flipy, a student at the school who has appeared unconscious in the yard.

The main objective of the game, whose full version is expected for the first quarter of 2018, is to stimulate the curiosity of the players about science and its application, so that they have fun while they learn. The video game, which has had the scientific advice of Javier Santaolalla, doctor in particle physics, researcher at CERN and scientific disseminator; is supported by CREATIONS, an educational innovation project promoted by the European Union, which aims to implement new educational activities in the classroom that unite science and art to enhance creativity in the learning of science.