Dogchild, the winning game of the first edition of the Playstation Awards in 2014 in Spain, is on sale in all Game stores and the PlayStation Store.

Still do not know Dogchild? Join Tarpak and his faithful dog Tarao to investigate the disappearance of Tarpak’s parents, which will lead them to discover the plans of the evil Cornish Corporation. They will have to stop their feet if they want all the animals of the world to be safe from them and their experiments. Tarpak can only use his rubber ball to defend himself against the dangers, unless Tarao arrives to give a helping paw.

The title poses different challenges to the player always aimed at saving animals and protecting nature. Missions of game in which the cunning and a ball are the only available weapons, and in which we can alternate between the control of the boy or the dog, each one with his different vision.

You can buy the game in the Game stores or on the web, you can also buy it in the PlayStation Store.