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CICE’s interview

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A few weeks ago we had a very special visit in the studio, the friends of CICE came to interview our creative director Darío Ávalos. But maybe many of you will ask: what or who is CICE? CICE, the only official training center for more than 20 multinationals in Spain, is already a community of more [...]

Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future! will be present at the Xataka Live Citizen technology event

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Xataka Live Citizen is an initiative to bring technology to citizens. The event will be organized by the specialized Xataka media and it will take place at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid on the 23rd and 24th of November. The meeting will feature a large exhibition área, in which PlayStation will make available, to the [...]

Presentation of Flipys’s Tesla Let’s invent the future! In Barcelona Games World 2017

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The last October, one of the most important videogames fairs was celebrated in the city of Barcelona. Animatoon Studio couldn’t miss this so importat event and came hand in hand with Playstation Talents. During the four days of the fair, the Flipy’s Tesla game could be tested both in the PlayStation Talents area, and in the [...]

The DogChild game, now available in HYPE Station

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Are you  ready to save the animals and protect the nature? Join Tarpak and his faithful dog Tarao to investigate the disappearance of Tarpak’s parents and discover the evil plans of the Cornish Corporation. The cunning of Tarpak, a ball and the help of Tarao will be our only weapons to get the evil corporation can [...]