Last 30th of June, PlayStation Spain opened in Madrid the PlayStation Resort PSVR, a place where expert media and PlayStation users had the chance to try out some of the new experiences for PlayStation VR.

As we already announced, Animatoon Studio was there and we took the chance to introduce a small demo of the recently announced Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future. Despite having barely a month of development, the game won the hearts of the public and specialized media that attended the event, receiving very positive reviews.

Hobby Consolas
On the other hand, Flipy’s Tesla is a graphic adventure in VR. A graphic adventure in debt to the classics from Lucasfilm such as Manic Manion or Monkey Island… why has no one done this before? Of course, the development is simpler, and interaction with objects is physical, through PS Move.

A graphic adventure where Science generates ideas and gameplay.

In general, the game looks good for various reasons. On the one hand, bringing Science closer is a wise decision, and thanks to its likeable style, it will be accessible for everybody. Then, to have such little development time, the game does not look bad at all, and if they polish it for its release, we might have a very entertaining proposal for everyone in front of us.

A title that reminded us for its aesthetic to the graphic adventures of Lucasarts. In it we have to resolve various puzzles whilst we carry out curious experiments.

Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future takes us inside Flipy’s laboratory in a never before seen graphic adventure. A mental challenge for the players who will have to carry out different fun experiments, using Science as a basis, concept which hasn’t been used a lot lately in the videogame sector that takes us from A to B without having to use gray matter.

After these reviews and the ones we received there, we have no choice but to take our effort even further to make Flipy’s Tesla! an excellent game.