A few days before one of the most important Animation, FX, Virtual Reality and Videogame festivals of Spain begins, we’re revealing some details of our conference at Mundos Digitales 2017.

We will count with the presence of great Flipy (renowned spanish comedic actor) who will help us tell you all about our new project Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future. Not only we will reveal how the idea arised or its current development and production status, but we will also show the possibilities VR technology and the game itself have as an educational tool to be integrated in the classrooms of any school, helping kids learn and enjoy at the same time.

Our CEO, Darío Ávalos, expressed his great enthusiasm for this conference through our social media, referring to a lecture in which Edu Martin Julve motivated them to never surrender. In this message, he also wanted to thank his team their implication and dedication to future projects.

Just remind you that Mundos Digitales will take place the 6th, 7th and 8th of July in the Galician city of A Coruña, where its ambitious programme will bring together the best professionals of each sector in a wide variety of activities such as conferences, interviews or workshops. Animatoon Studio will have a recruitment booth, where we will be glad to meet you and show you what we do at our company and some of our future projects.