Moerakis is here, now supported by Playstation in Playstarter.

We start now until finishing the first part of the game in September 2017. Moerakis is a frenetic and different type of American Football game, played in third person in which the protagonists are stone giants. They will fight to be the best in the league.

It’s a Fantasy MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sports Arena) game. A unique but simple combination of frenetic and different types of American Football games, played by human-like rock formations of extraterrestrial origin. The colossal beings compete in tough close-contact matches, where the laws of physics will play a role with each clash of the Gigants, displaying spectacular collisions on every block or attack, on every impact and destruction of the armours.

Train and evolve to compete in online matches and tournaments, on this exciting and sensational new e-Sport. The age of the Moerakis has begun!

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