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Lisboa Games Week 2016

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It has been a year since we presented Dogchild at the Lisboa Games Week. We still remember that enormous Wall that PlayStation gave us with the game pads ready to play with our favorite heroes. And here we are again! Introducing our Moerakis prototype and it’s been liked and very much… Like at the Barcelona Games [...]

Moerakis on Playstarter

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Moerakis is here, now supported by Playstation in Playstarter. We start now until finishing the first part of the game in September 2017. Moerakis is a frenetic and different type of American Football game, played in third person in which the protagonists are stone giants. They will fight to be the best in the league. It's a Fantasy MOSA [...]

New Patch for Dogchild

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After a very hard year of work we are going to launch a patch of DogChild. We have optimized all that we can do to our lover DogChild because we haven´t got  time with 8 months, so we need more and more. We have updated the version of Unity so we have improved graphic level [...]